Crash Tests
Main AuthorPeter Schimmelpfennig
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2015
Publisher24. EVU Conference, Edinburgh

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Defensive devices at the roadside of steel and concrete serve to make road traffic safer. These safety systems prevent vehicles straying from the road, or their side of it, and thus possible bad accidents, e.g. with trees.

Regardless of design and structure every new such safety device must be tested per EN 1317 before it can be certified. Invitations to tender are amended to suit local needs resulting in the use of concrete as well as steel safety walls of varying performance classes. In addition to these well known and accepted materials a newly developed wood and fibreglass compound high performance crash barrier has been tested by the Technical University of Brunswick.

This paper concerns the compatibility of vehicles and crash barrier systems making all due allowance for new electronic systems in motor vehicles.

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