Crash Tests
Main AuthorJoseph Marra; Dario Guarino
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2015
Publisher24. EVU Conference, Edinburgh

edinburg2015 32aThe object of this paper is to briefly illustrate the value of numerical simulation to improve the development, the certification and the installation of Vehicle Restraint Systems.

Predictive simulations are useful during the design phase of a new product, be it, for instance, a safety barrier or a crash cushion; they can also be used to achieve the certification of an already tested system subject to partial modifications, as prescribed by the reference norm EN1317, or to obtain a CE marking.

From full scale models to local tests, through computer simulations it is possible to evaluate and investigate all the potential and real technical constraints like, for instance, soil and steel characterization, the behavior of the VRS if installed on a bridge or along a curved road, the influence of the installation length and sensibility of the product to the variation of the impact conditions. Computer simulations can also be used to reconstruct road accidents.

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