Crash Tests
Main AuthorStefan Fuoß
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typebachelor thesis
Publication Year2011

This bachelor paper was made in cooperation with the engineering firm Pauly & Partners. It deals with the detectability of approaching cross traffic coming from the right side. It was investigated, when and based on which features a privileged driver will remark the approaching traffic at different driving speeds coming from his right side.

In particular, the time period between the beginning of the ‘starting’ process and the launch of a defense action (breaking) of the privileged vehicle driver was of great interest and should be compared in the analysis with the previous findings and recommendations in the specialized literature.

For this purpose tests had to be carried out at a suitable location and a measuring method for a precise determination of the required values and data had to be developed.

In comparison to the merged perception and response time as described in the technical literature in hand, this series of tests showed significantly lower time intervals.


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