Crash Tests
Main AuthorLeon Prochowski
Co-AuthorsTomasz Pusty, Karol Zielonka
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2016
Publisher25. EVU Congress, Bratislava

The energy balance was determined on the grounds of a research experiment. The main stage of the calculations carried out within the analysis resulted in determining time histories of the forces and reactions acting within the area of contact between the car, motorcycle, and motorcyclist. Then, the force vs. time curves were used to determine the vehicle deformation and displacement work. The curves representing changes in the velocities and displacements of the solids involved, necessary for the calculations, were determined from results of measurements of components of the motorcar, motorcycle, and motorcyclist dummy’s head and torso acceleration vectors.

The most important processes related to the motorcycle and car motions have been described as well. In the recapitulation, results of calculations of individual components of the energy balance of the road accident under analysis have been given. The calculation results, which have been given in both analytical and graphic form, lead to conclusions useful for the reconstruction of road accidents with motorcyclists where the vehicle configuration would be like the one under analysis.

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