Crash Tests
Main AuthorMichael Katzer
Co-AuthorsMatthias Thelen, Lukas Betschart
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2016
Publisher25. EVU Congress, Bratislava

In Germany many accident analyst work together with testing engineers for the periodic car inspec-tion. They use a HU Adapter for examining car systems and especially braking systems. This adapter was tested for the use in accident analysis. The HU adapter is easily and universally appli-cable in the measurement of delays in vehicle accident analysis. The tests have shown that only minor differences between the systems are available. Especially the easy appliment in the vehicle is one advantage of this system. It is quite robust and doesn’t need much space during tests or trans-portation. It is reliable measuring system for delays. For further application in accident analysis like testing ecus the adapter is not very helpful. Especially there is only an installation test for ecus ap-plied and no diagnostic function.

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