Crash Tests
Main AuthorImmers, L. H.
CitationImmers, L. H.: 3D Incident Analysis System based on photogrammetry
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Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2012
Publisher21. EVU Conference, Brasov
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The Dutch road network is one of tEVU 2012 Brasov Immershe busiest networks in the world. Traffic jams occur regularly, especially in rush hour (64 million vehicle hours lost in 2011). Therefore, the Dutch Traffic Centre (VCNL) was looking for ways to open up roads after incidents more quickly without losing important information about the accident. This also pertains to severe accidents involving fatalities and serious injuries. A method was sought to record the accident scene quickly and conveniently while guaranteeing that a thorough investigation of the causes of the accident could still be performed with high level of accuracy. This paper presents a solution based on 3D photogrammetry where a complete system is developed. This means that it can be used for capturing the accident scene, for the photogrammetric computations and for the analysis of the photos and stereo images. The photogrammetric computations are automated as much as possible so that the accident analyst does not need to have photogrammetric knowledge. During the development of this system, there has been close contact with the national and regional Dutch police.