Crash Tests
Main AuthorBradáč, A.
Co-AuthorsSchejbal, J.; Kuře, A.; Motl, J.; Belák, M.; Bilík, M.; Semela, M.; Škoda, J. Sumec, S.
CitationBradáč, A.: Light reflective attributes of selected materials
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2013
Publisher22. EVU Conference, Florence
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EVU 2013 Florence BradacThis article is a summary of the specific research project, conducted at the Institute of Forensic Engineering, Brno University of Technology (IFE BUT) in order to verify properties of selected light reflective and fluorescent materials and their properties compared with those obtained with conventional textile materials. The article summarises the results of laboratory and exterior measurements of selected light properties on a series of samples, including reflective materials used in the clothing industry, on warning garments and on various promotional items and at the same time including the most used materials and colors for outerwear. Within the laboratory measurements, inter alia, measurements of the diffuse and specular components of the reflected light, which is important for the visibility of these elements, were carried out.