Crash Tests
Main AuthorHittinger, C.
CitationHittinger, C.: Rollover of Mountain Bikes which are equipped with disc brakes and suspension forks
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2013
Publisher22. EVU Conference, Florence
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EVU 2013 Florence HittingerThis paper deals with the reconstruction of an accident in which a bicycle rider performed a rollover with a mountain bike. The bike was equipped with disc brakes and a suspension fork. In the accident, the driver suffered serious spinal injuries and has been paralysed since the accident from the head downwards. As part of the reconstruction of the accident it was clarified which mechanisms lead to a rollover of a mountain bike, and the influence of a faulty suspension fork on rollover propensity is shown. The braking performance achievable on the dry asphalt pavement was investigated and documented. The driving technique “maximum braking”, to achieve maximum deceleraton in emergency situations, is presented.