Crash Tests
Main AuthorGerster, B.
CitationGerster, B.: Sensivitäten in der Unfallanalyse. 12. EVU-Jahrestagung, Zürich 2003
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2003
Publisher12. EVU-Jahrestagung, Zürich 2003
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Comparison of Jeep Cherokee vs. Audi A4
German, 14 pages, 4 figures, 6 references
Keywords: simulation, reconstruction parameters, methods

The objective of accident analysis is the exact determination of certain basic values of traffic accidents. For this exist physical laws und coherences, which can be estimated by pocket calculator or sensible modulated by new simulation tools. It will be responded to the problems of using parameters and its effect on the results. In addition, the difference between forward and backward calculation will be discussed and the proportion of force transmission and positive engagement will be looked at closely. Finally, certain behavior will be derived from the circumstances and reflections dealt with in the paper.