Crash Tests
Main AuthorMurri, R.
CitationMurri, R.: Nachfahrversuche am DTC. 12. EVU-Jahrestagung, Zürich 2003
Publication Typelecture
Publisher12. EVU-Jahrestagung, Zürich 2003
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View points for photographical documentation
German, 20 pages, 19 figures
Keywords: collision experiment, braking, delta-v

The Dynamic Test Centre AG (DTC) realized in order of the Swiss Assurance Association (SSV) for a data bank a series of car chase tests with recent vehicles. The crash tests had been placed at a low speed range of around 10 km/h for a change in velocity of the pushed car. Half of the series the pushed car had been braked by a pneumatic brake pedal system while the collision took place. Therefore the pushed car made a brake dive at the collision. Soon had been understood, that for a reliable validation of technical accident analysis the car chase tests had to be realized at the highest quality level. After the third series of car chase tests the “Golden Standard” with five stars was obtained. This standard implies a data acquisition after SAE J 211, complete documentation of the collision-constellation, complete photo documentation, high speed film with 500 pictures per second, measuring of the vehicles and assessment of damage with complete documentation.