Crash Tests
Main AuthorReber, H.
CitationReber, H.: Berechnung dreier Kollisionen in zwei Dokumentationstufen, Ergebnisse aufgrund einer dürftigen Dokumentation. 12. EVU-Jahrestagung, Zürich 2003
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2003
Publisher12. EVU-Jahrestagung, Zürich 2003
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Collision Line-Up
German, 16 pages, 13 figures

The Dynamic Test Centre AG (DTC) has prepared three tests, which had been realized in two different quality levels on our own crash test facility. The total six experts out of Germany and Switzerland had been made available only poor documentation for the first level, as it refers to an insufficient accident recording by police. The results had shown partly large tolerances. Some experts handed in single cases no results in, yet according to their opinion the objective hints for a reliable analysis of a collision had been missing. A direct coherence among the quality of the results and the used tools is not evident.