Crash Tests
Main AuthorDr. Antonio Pietrini
Co-AuthorsFrancesco Balzaretti, Dr. Virginio Rivano
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2017
Publisher26. EVU Conference, Haarlem

During the Congress of Harlem, which focussed among other topics on accidents involving bicycles, the EVU Italian country group, ASAIS-EVU Italia, organised and sponsored a research on the territory with the aim of measuring time, speed and acceleration from the stop position, for several types of bicycles and cyclists. The reconstruction expert often needs data on the time it takes to turn into a main road and acceleration for bicycles. This is particularly useful for urban accidents, where the first metres from the stop position and orthogonal crossings are very important. This is the reason why this study has focused on establishing a measurement procedure of the kinematic quantities which are taking place when a cyclist is turning into a road starting from the stop position from a lateral street which is orthogonal compared to main road. This model takes into account both the case of the cyclist going straight across the crossing and the cyclist turning left, i.e. crossing the first lane and then entering the right lane, which would be the furthest from the lateral street. Tests were carried out using urban streets of average width and a measurement of movements and left turns has been taken at steps of 1, 2 and 5 metres.7 groups (approximately 30 people), located all over the country, took care of the surveys and carried out 203 tests using different kinds of bicycles (city bike, mountain bike, foldable bikes with small wheels) and several subjects (children, women and men, of different ages). Also other variations were tested, such as frequency of use of the bicycle and the cyclist’s physical structure (height and weight).

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