Crash Tests
Main AuthorCzwordon, Konrad
CitationCzwordon, K.: Mechanism of motorcycle fork deformation in reference to velocity and direction of impact
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typeconference report
Publication Year2007
PublisherEVU-Annual meeting 2007
Source of InformationCzwordon - Doradztwo Techniczne i Rzeczoznawstwo Samochodowe
Tax head steering system after accident
The relationship between damage to motorcycle elements and the direction and velocity of impact has been described. What was analysed was the telescopic fork deformation under impact at the right angle. Damage to particular parts of the front wheel band, front axle, front shock absorber, telescopic fork pipe and steering wheel pipe was discussed.It is a chain of deformations whose analysis is essential in post-crash examination of the motorcycle.