Crash Tests
Main AuthorAhlgrimm, J.
Co-AuthorsGlasner, E. v.
CitationAhlgrimm, J.; Glasner, E. v.: The Influence of Tyre Characteristics on the Driving and Braking Performance of Road Vehicles. 17th EVU Conference, Nice 2008
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Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2008
Publisher17. EVU Conference, Nice
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English, 9 pages, 17 figures, 0 references

Before 2000, vehicle manufacturers had stipulated certain tyres for their products following a careful evaluation of a large number of test drives in order to ensure that their products would exhibit positive driving properties over the entire service life of the product. Globally standardised ISO test procedures can define the driving dynamic potential of a vehicle in a precise and reproducible form. However, the wide range of tyres with greatly different performance characteristics that can be adapted to a single vehicle can dramatically change the driving and braking characteristics of that vehicle. Classification of tyres according to their performance would be a suitable approach for stipulating cross-make standards specifying the characteristics of tyres as safety-relevant vehicle parts.