Crash Tests
Main AuthorKramer, F.
CitationKramer, F.: Quantification of primary road safety - a statistical approach. 20. EVU Conference, Gratz
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Publication Typelecture
Publisher20. EVU Conference, Graz
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The index for the primary (active) safety is defined by the quotient of the fleet and the number of road traffic accidents, whiles the index for the secondary (passive) safety, is obtained from the number of traffic accidents on the injury costs for fatally injured, seriously and slightly injured. If the time series development of the two indices of 1953, the beginning of road accident statistics, is extrapolated beyond 2010 in the 2050- years, it is noticeable that the improvements of the primary safety expectations, placed on them, are far from being met. The reasons for this can be found in the late series introduction of measures for primary safety and the hesitant enforcement on the market (and thus in the accident event). However, there seems to be the time to critically check the boundary conditions for the development and series introduction of assistance systems and deduce consequences, as it will be explained below.