Crash Tests
Main AuthorFabian Hayo
Co-AuthorsMichael Weyde, Stefan Schulz
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2016
Publisher25. EVU Congress, Bratislava

Following the public media focus it would seem many accidents between right turning lorries and cyclists or pedestrians happen annually. The publishing of such accidents could be explained by serious eventually fatal injuries arisen therein. According to a data summary elaborated by the Federal Statistical Office for the year 2013, a lorry took part in 20 % of all fatal cyclist accidents and in 15 % of all killed pedestrians [1]. The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) has elaborated a survey about accidents with right turning lorries. Following their calculation it was delimited that about 640 turn-accidents in total happened between a lorry and a cyclist in the year 2012 wherein 23 cyclists were killed. This corresponds to about 9.3 % and 3.6 % of all cyclists killed in the year 2012 relatively in an urban area and overall. In splitting according to the maximum authorized mass of a lorry, according to the above mentioned BASt’s study about 232 accidents with injured people and also 22 killed persons were caused by so called heavy goods lorries i.e. of a maximum authorized mass above 7.5 t [2]. At the same time, another BASt’s study shows that the front right corner area, namely in front of and also besides the driver’s cab, extraordinary frequently represents the first impact on the lorry [3]. Therefore accidents with heavy goods right turning lorries were examined within this study.

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