Crash Tests

ATTENTION: New postponement of the congress. It is expected to take place until late summer or early fall of 2021!

To all speakers: Presentations can be held in either English or German, as long as the slides show English. Full papers can be submitted in English, German or both. If submitted in German or English only then the organisation shall provide an automatic translation.

The 29th Annual Congress of the European Association for Accident Research is expected to take place in Haifa, Israel.

The congress will focus on Electrical and Hybrid vehicles (E&HV’s). Special topics are:

  • Operation and control of E&HV’s
  • Retrieval and analysis of data from E&HV’s
  • Post-crash safety of E&HV’s
  • Electrically powered two wheelers

The deadline for the full paper will be delayed to late spring 2021.

Proceedings of the last congress.

Informations about the last congress: