Crash Tests
EVU General Assembly 2018

IMPACT Vol 26 No 2 - Autumn 2018

20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria

Video ITAI Crash Day 2018

IMPACT Vol 26 No 1 - Spring 2018

Proceedings 26th EVU-congress 2017 Haarlem Netherlands

Competencies of Road accident experts

Implementation of vehicle movement tests in simulation software and its application in accident analysis

Photometric investigation using a standard digital camera-Comparative studies on accuracy

Pedestrian Detection with Halogen, Xenon and LED Headlights: The Light Scattering Effect

Collaborative study on the estimation of EES-values

Study of energy absorbed by bicycles in frontal collisions at speeds of 20 to 35 km/h

How to manage data from video, possibilities of reconstruction, error estimation

Trace evidence in traffic accident investigations

Interdisciplinary further development of an optimised anthropomorphic pedestrian surrogate for full-scale crash tests

Correlation "impact velocity-specific pedestrian injuries" for reconstruction of pedestrian accidents

Why should we use radiology for the examination of deceased road traffic victims?

Motion Analysis of Occupants in Oblique Frontal Collisions

Reconstruction of car to pedestrian and car to bicycle accidents using crash tests

Findings from 35 years of cooperation in bicycle accident research

Generating and validating multibody simulation models of e-bikes for PC-Crash

Optimization of multibody system for cyclists in PC-Crash

Study of vehicle speed estimation in traffic accidents related to a scooter type wheelchair with multibody simulation

Vulnerable road users. Numerical and Experimental Reconstruction of Cyclist Accidents in Urban Areas