Crash Tests


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20th Annual Meeting of the EVU - Call for Papers message (general)
UDV - Safety of rear-seat passengers in cars 2018
UDV - Intelligent systems for improving motorcycle safety 2018
20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria
BMJ Entschädigungsgesetz message (general) 2003
UDV: Driver distraction while texting 2018
25. EVU Congress Bratislava - Presentations 2016
Video ITAI Crash Day 2018
2015 EVU Congress Edinburgh - Presentations 2015
European Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Zürn 2015
Proceedings 26th EVU-congress 2017 Haarlem Netherlands
Problems with Tyre Regulations in Europe lecture 2014
Proceedings 27th EVU-Congress 2018 Dubrovnik Croatia 2018
FSD bietet Fortbildung für Sachverständige an
Evaluation of BMW’s central fault memory as a source for accident data A.C.E. Spek lecture 2018
Enträtselung des VAG Crash-Aufzeichners Aart Spek lecture 2016
Collaborative study on the estimation of EES-values Aart Spek lecture 2017
The Crash Recorder (CR): Potential and Limitations for Accident Analysis Aberle, T. lecture 2011
EDR for motorcycles, advantageous in terms of cost Aberle, T. lecture 2012
Injury Mitigation Potential of Inflatable Protective Motorcycle Jackets Adam Barrow lecture 2018
The current international tyre regulations cause road accidents Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2014
The Influence of Tyre Characteristics on the Driving and Braking Performance of Road Vehicles Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2008
The influence of tyres with unsuitable characteristics on the dynamic performance of vehicles Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2012
Failure Detection in Electronic Systems and Components Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2002
Effects Of High Voltage Electric For The Vehicle Aleksander Kuranowski lecture 2016
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