Crash Tests


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Visibility of obstacles at night - selected elements Jan Unarski; Wojciech Wach; Piotr Ciępka lecture 2015
Viewing behaviour as an accident cause - typical potential risks for pedestrians Ernst Pfleger lecture 2015
EU Tyre Label Reg. No. 1235/2011, a.i. Infl. on Road Traffic Safety d.t. Tyre Wet Grip Specification Micke, S; Palkovics, L.; Steffan, S; von Glasner, E.C. lecture 2015
Influence of Misuse in Tyres on Driving Dynamics During Emergency Braking Olga Nikolsky Liad; Avner Rosengarten; Uzi Raz lecture 2015
Analysis of yaw marks deposited by the car’s wheel with nominal and zero tyre pressure Jakub Zębala; Wojciech Wach; Piotr Ciępka; Robert Janczur lecture 2015
Calculating Vehicle Speed from Yaw Mark Analysis Stephen Cash; Mark Crouch lecture 2015
Normal Lane Change Manoeuvres on Motorways and Dual Carriageways Ian White lecture 2015
UDS-AT 3D Accident Data Recorder Armin Kast; Keith Lloyd lecture 2015
Event data recorder use in Canadian criminal & civil collision reconstruction Tyler Haladuick; Tyler Dyck; Steve MacInnis; Colin Foster; Darrell Chapman lecture 2015
The Current Status of EDR Accessible Vehicles within the European Union Brad Muir lecture 2015
Assessment of using GPS receivers and INS devices to test the dynamic performances of vehicles Dragoş Sorin Dima; Dinu Covaciu lecture 2015
Exam. o.t. impact o. using a helmet w. cycling on compens. of risks by overtaking vehicle drivers Dennis Ramón Lahmer; Markus Winninghoff; Hansjörg Leser lecture 2015
Analytic determin. o. t. hazard recogn. point o. a moving obstacle b. t. change o. t. visual angle Werner Gratzer; Matthias Schmidt lecture 2015
Tyre contact traces - current development status for the evaluation Klaus-Dieter Brösdorf; Andreas Moser lecture 2015
Testing of Bicycle Helmets to Forens. Val. or Invalidate Alleged Real-World Vehicle-Cyclist Collis. Tia Gaffney; Nikola Josevski; Andreas Sandvik; Blake Winter; Shane Richardson lecture 2015
Analysing the moving speeds of 2 to 3 year old children - New results Martin Windisch; Ercan Senatli lecture 2015
Virtual human body model for PC-Crash Eduard Kolla; Pavol Kohút lecture 2015
The Behaviour of Instrument Clusters during High-Speed Crash Testing Christopher Goddard; David Price lecture 2015
Photogrammetric reconstruction methodology & engineering validation f. video-capt. pedestrian collis Daniel J. Melcher; Thomas N. Rush; Jay J. Przybyla; Rachel E. Keller; Paul E. Montalbano lecture 2015
Pedestrian Speed from Vehicle Damage Colin Glynn; Denis P. Wood lecture 2015
Motion Analysis of Occupants in Side Collisions Kalthoff, W., Becke, M., Castro, C.J.G.; Hein, H.; Gorny; L. Wagner H.; Castro, W.H.M. lecture 2015
Current Status on the Safety of Coaches Gregor Steinmetz lecture 2015
Accidents with articulated heavy goods vehicles with active roll-over prevention Jörg Arnold lecture 2015
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Volvo’s pedestrian detection system based on selected real-life f Peter Vertal lecture 2015
Part 2 Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
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