Crash Tests


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Calculation of movement of the MPV vehicle and the pedestrian based on the crash tests Kasanický, G. lecture 2014
Dynamics of running up trucks and buses – tests and simulations Janczur, R. lecture 2014
Analysis of potential accident scenarios of a future electrical city car on the basis of... Hannawald, L. lecture 2014
Collision Speed from Individual Vehicle Deformation in Motorcycle to Car Collisions Glynn, C. lecture 2014
Joined force investigation of accidents in Denmark Fynbo, M. lecture 2014
Pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) – Legal principles, technical properties, acceleration and ... Fischer, H. lecture 2014
The development of standardized safety requirements for ballast-fastening devices in testing trucks Ferrer, A. lecture 2014
Blind-spots and the investigation of truck driver’s visibility conditions Ecker, H.: lecture 2014
Different methods to validate the speed in accidents between truck and car Dima, D. S lecture 2014
Modern Scanning Technologies for Vehicular Accident Reconstruction Del Cesta, A. lecture 2014
Possibilities of integrating modern measuring techniques in the reconstruction of traffic accidents Bulka, D. lecture 2014
Accident Occurrence and General Benefit Potential of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in HGVs Berg, A. lecture 2014
Tachograph investigations Berends, W. lecture 2014
Determination of the total deformation energy of two vehicles involved in an accident Becke, M. lecture 2014
The current international tyre regulations cause road accidents Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2014
11th Israeli Conference on Vehicle Systems Prof Egon-Christian Von Glasner lecture 2014
Problems with Tyre Regulations in Europe lecture 2014
EDR - Benefit/Cost Assessment of Mandatory Applications Erwin Petersen, Jörg Ahlgrimm technical literature 2014
Bypassing manoeuvre driving a car with reduced and no tire pressure Zębala, J. lecture 2013
Motorcycle to Car Collisions: Evaluation of Energy Loss and Relative Impact Velocity Vangi, D. lecture 2013
Motorcycles Slide Tests Analysis Vangi, D. lecture 2013
Experimental analysis of post-accident motion of motorcyclists Vangi, D. lecture 2013
Determining Visibility Distance Based on Measurements with LMK System Unarski, J. lecture 2013
Speed drop during a Motorcycle Stoppie Strzeletz, R. lecture 2013
Simulation and Analysis of Quad Bike Rollovers using PC-CRASH to Evaluate Alternative Safety Systems Richardson, S. lecture 2013
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