Crash Tests


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EVU – History and Targets Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil., Dr. h.c. Egon-Christian von Glasner
FSD bietet Fortbildung für Sachverständige an
Pedestrian speeds and acceleration – results of research on contemporary population Zębala, J. lecture 2012
A new pedestrian dummy, constructed to produce realistic vehicle damage Weyde, M. lecture 2012
Crash against mast according to EN 12767 standard – uncertainty of passive safety indexes calculated Wach, W. lecture 2012
Accuracy of freeze frame data and EDR data in full scale crash tests Spek, A. lecture 2012
Vergleich der Aufzeichnungen verschiedener Strzeletz, R. lecture 2012
Studies on the perceptibility of starting maneuvers in cross direction traffic Rössle, J. lecture 2012
Digital tachograph in the context of accident reconstruction Reusch, K. lecture 2012
Use of the Bosch EDR Retrieval Tool – two cases from the UK Read, T. lecture 2012
Hazard recognition and reaction in practice - exact time proof by visualization analysis Pfleger, E. lecture 2012
Monitoring Driver Behavior by Using Android Devices Ispas, N. lecture 2012
Analysis of different impact types regarding occupant loads and variation of the occupant simulation Moser, A. lecture 2012
Tests regarding reaction-causing signal position May, A. lecture 2012
The μ-PW friction tester - a new device to assess the value of tire-road friction coefficient Luty, W. lecture 2012
Continentals Approach to the 2012 Deadline for NHTSA EDR Kuhrt, C. lecture 2012
Simulation calculation quality upon assessing the accident studies König, T. lecture 2012
Uncertainty within calculation of selected traffic accident quantities Kohút, P. lecture 2012
Technical requirements for EDRs in accordance with the VERONICA projects Kast, A. lecture 2012
Braking deceleration measurement of passenger and special vehicles Kasanický, G. lecture 2012
Specific aspects of the use of crash tests for the reconstruction of traffic accidents Kalthoff, W. lecture 2012
3D Incident Analysis System based on photogrammetry Immers, L. H. lecture 2012
Expansion and Programming of Data Loggers for complex motion analysis - towards a EDR? Hoger, T. lecture 2012
History of EDR – Development von Glasner, C. lecture 2012
Joined force investigation of accidents in Denmark Fynbo, M. lecture 2012
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