Crash Tests


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Roadworthiness of Commercial Vehicles with Mass over 7 500 kg – Results of Roadside Inspections Zoran Lulić lecture 2018
Vehicle speed loss during impact obstacle Loreta Levulytė lecture 2018
Insurance fraud: Fake traffic accidents - staging, detecting and proving Berislav Barišić-Jaman lecture 2018
Injury Mitigation Potential of Inflatable Protective Motorcycle Jackets Adam Barrow lecture 2018
Car to motorcycle collision in an urban intersection: The importance of a CCVT footage in the accident reconstruction process Leonidas Kakalis lecture 2018
Influence of Aerodynamic Centre of Pressure Location on Motorcycle Behavior in Crosswinds Sander de Goede lecture 2018
Automotive Fraud Analysis: Going Beyond the Physical Evidence Jay J. Przybyla poster 2018
Simulation of cornering car motion with zero pressure in on rear wheel Jakub Zębala poster 2018
Road marking: analysis of identification and reaction times of vehicle drivers through the use of innovative techniques Dr. M. Carpinone poster 2018
Electronic data in crashed vehicles Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Diana Hamelow poster 2018
Impact of headlight cloudiness on pedestrian detection Dipl.-Phys. A. Kortmann poster 2018
Proceedings 27th EVU-Congress 2018 Dubrovnik Croatia 2018
Research regarding the pedestrian speed of individuals over the age of 60 years Fabian Schwarz poster 2018
20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria
Video ITAI Crash Day 2018
Competencies of Road accident experts Lina Lazarenko lecture 2017
Implementation of vehicle movement tests in simulation software and its application in accident analysis Michael Plank lecture 2017
Photometric investigation using a standard digital camera-Comparative studies on accuracy Roman Stärk lecture 2017
Pedestrian Detection with Halogen, Xenon and LED Headlights: The Light Scattering Effect Annika Kortmann lecture 2017
Collaborative study on the estimation of EES-values Aart Spek lecture 2017
Study of energy absorbed by bicycles in frontal collisions at speeds of 20 to 35 km/h Michael Schrammel lecture 2017
How to manage data from video, possibilities of reconstruction, error estimation Dragos Sorin Dima lecture 2017
Trace evidence in traffic accident investigations Dr. Jaap Van der Weerd lecture 2017
Interdisciplinary further development of an optimised anthropomorphic pedestrian surrogate for full-scale crash tests Dr. Sven Hartwig lecture 2017
Correlation "impact velocity-specific pedestrian injuries" for reconstruction of pedestrian accidents Dr. Eduard Kolla lecture 2017
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