Strauss, Mark, Ph.D.
Impact Injury Analysis, LLC
P.O. Box 747
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Weitere Informationen:
Owner, Impact Injury Analysis, LLC. Dr. Strauss performs injury analysis and accident reconstruction nationwide in order to determine how injuries and accidents occurred, and how they could have been prevented. He uses his knowledge of biomechanics, human factors, equipment and vehicles combined with experimental testing, quantitative analysis, and physics simulations to determine the events that did contributed to accidents causing injuries, the loss of life, and the loss of property. He has 29 years of experience teaching engineering and 25 years of forensic analysis experience. He has consulted for hundres of clients across the United States and internationally, reconstructing accidents involving cars and trucks, construction sites, earthmoving and agricultural equipment, industrial and commercial facilities, barges, buses, ATV's, trains, airports, amusement parks, steel mills, food processing plants, and loading docks. His clients represent municipalities, injured parties, manufacturing companies, school districts, vehicle manufacturers, transportation and logistics organizations, who are involved in workers compensation and FELA claims, civil or criminal suits. He performs research, All All All which is published and presented internationally at peer reviewed forum. Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1987 - Present. Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering. Content of courses taught includes biomechanics, human factors, anatomy, physiology, reflexes, finite element analysis, engineering design and mechanisms, electronics, experimental testing techniques, data acquisition and analysis, adaptive technology and rehabilitation engineering. Membership number: USA001