Crash Tests
Main AuthorLina Lazarenko
Co-AuthorsProf. Wojciech Wach
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2017
Publisher26. EVU Conference, Haarlem

Speeding - One of the most common factors that influence road accidents. Thirteen road accident experts from 12 countries have agreed to carry out a collaborative exercise to compare the solutions in their countries. The participants of the interlaboratory exercise were asked to use their own standard form of reporting and answer the questions in their usual manner. In their summaries there was no significant difference between the results of their calculations, as well as in their conclusions about the possibility of avoiding the accident if the speed had not been exceeded. Also, all participants found that the driver’s speeding had a causal link with road accident. There are, however, significant differences between experts in asses sing the root cause of this road accident. Accuracy of calculation is not itself sufficient to reach the right conclusion, and it is necessary to assess the reliability of the reconstruction/opinion.

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