Crash Tests


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Roadworthiness of Commercial Vehicles with Mass over 7 500 kg – Results of Roadside Inspections Zoran Lulić lecture 2018
Limitations of the Possibility of Applying the Monte Carlo Simulation in Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Ziernicki, Richard M. conference report 2007
The meaning of electronically stored data for analysing accidents from the manufacturer’s point of view Zeidler, Falk lecture 2006
Airbag Control Unit Design – Complexity Leads to Numerous Misunderstands Zeidler, F. lecture
Passive Safety for Passenger Cars – State of the Art Zeidler, F. lecture 2002
Bypassing manoeuvre driving a car with reduced and no tire pressure Zębala, J. lecture 2013
Pedestrian speeds and acceleration – results of research on contemporary population Zębala, J. lecture 2012
Photogrammetry-Based Models of Accident Sites Zdeněk Svatý lecture 2016
Experiment vs. Simulation – Braking with ABS Zębala, J. lecture
Standard Digital SLR Cameras for Luminance Measurements in the Mesopic Range Wüller, D. lecture 2009
Application of Video-aided Mapping in Verifying Signal Violation – A Case in Taiwan Woo, T. H. lecture 2009
Motion Analysis of Occupants in Oblique Frontal Collisions Wolfram Kalthoff lecture 2017
Vehicle Safety Award 2013 Christian J. Börner Wolfgang Sigloch
Indeterminate results of time-distance calculations and their statistical interpretation Wojciech Wach lecture 2016
DIY- Project: Photographing accident sites with Quadrocopter (Translation) Winninghoff, M. lecture 2011
Full-Scale Rollover Testing of Commercial Cargo-Tank Vehicles Winkler, C. B. lecture 2009
V-s-Diagramm zur Kollisionsortbestimmung bei Auffahrunfällen Windisch, Martin technical literature
UDS-Auswertung anhand eines Fallbeispiels Windisch, Martin technical literature 2004
Analysing the moving speeds of 2 to 3-year-old children – video analysis and statistical evaluation Windisch, Martin conference report 2007
Bremsspuren von Vorder- und Hinterreifen - Unterscheidung anhand eines Beispiels Windisch, Martin work sheet 2005
Investigation of tactile perceptibility of small collisions between passenger cars, transporters and trucks Windisch, M. lecture 2011
Model Based Head Injury Criteria Application to Head Injury Prediction Willinger, R. lecture 2009
Digital Photography and the Handling of Digital Pictures Wietschorke, S. lecture 2002
The Wiehltalbridge Accident Wiek, Alexander conference report 2007
Perceptibility of small collisions: 7.5 t trucks and vans vs. cars Findings from the crash tests of Rösrather Crash Days 2009 Wiek, A. lecture 2011
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