Crash Tests


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Part 2 Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
Rating of Parking Assistants Berthold Färber 2017
2015 EVU Congress Edinburgh - Presentations 2015
Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Classes E and F. Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
European Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Zürn 2015
UDV: Driver distraction while texting 2018
UDV - Intelligent systems for improving motorcycle safety 2018
Video ITAI Crash Day 2018
20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria
Proceedings 27th EVU-Congress 2018 Dubrovnik Croatia 2018
UDV - Safety of rear-seat passengers in cars 2018
Inspection of electronically controlled systems FSD GmbH
Proceedings 26th EVU-congress 2017 Haarlem Netherlands
Vehicle Safety Award 2013 Christian J. Börner Wolfgang Sigloch
EVU – History and Targets Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil., Dr. h.c. Egon-Christian von Glasner
Redakteure für die Datenbank gesucht Weber, Michael 2003
Prüfvorgaben Periodisch-technische Fahrzeuguntersuchung BMW Group 2010
25. EVU Congress Bratislava - Presentations 2016
Biomechanische Messungen an Probanden bei Alltagsbelastungen im Vergleich zu Bagatellkollisionen Michael Weber 2011
FSD bietet Fortbildung für Sachverständige an
Die moderne Hauptuntersuchung (Mit der StVZO weiterentwickelt); HU-Adapter 21 FSD Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH 2009
Untersuchungen zur Wahrnehmbarkeit von Anfahrvorgängen im Querverkehr Stefan Fuoß bachelor thesis 2011
Variation of the speed indicator of a motorcycle according to driving dynamics while cornering Maximilian Lukas bachelor thesis 2011
Poor estimation of EES values and its consequences on the accuracy of reconstructions – Importance of EES crash tests Becke, Manfred conference report 2007
Braking and manoeuvring characteristics of oncorrectly inflated low-profile and run-flat tyres Grover, C. conference report 2007
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