Crash Tests


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7. EVU Abendseminar in Österreich - Kurzfassungen PFLEGER, Ernst conference report
Influence of the second order partial derivatives in total differential method Wicher, Jerzy conference report
Quantification of primary road safety - a statistical approach Kramer, F. lecture
FSD bietet Fortbildung für Sachverständige an
EVU – History and Targets Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil., Dr. h.c. Egon-Christian von Glasner
European Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Zürn 2015
Vehicle Safety Award 2013 Christian J. Börner Wolfgang Sigloch
Reconstruction of rear-end collision and calculation of acceleration of the occupants Gratzer, W. lecture
Acoustic loading by airbag deployment Rohm, Michael lecture
Reconstruction in Forensic Medicine and Biomechanics Lanz, C. lecture
Satzungsentwurf EVU RA Heeger, Weber message (general)
Airbag Control Unit Design – Complexity Leads to Numerous Misunderstands Zeidler, F. lecture
Car Chase Tests at the DTC Murri, R. lecture
The Friction of Motorcycle Tyres Lambourn, R. F. lecture
Experiment vs. Simulation – Braking with ABS Zębala, J. lecture
3. EVU-Verkehrssicherheitsseminar in Österreich - Kurzfassungen PFLEGER, Ernst conference report
Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Classes E and F. Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
20th Annual Meeting of the EVU - Call for Papers message (general)
6. EVU Tagung in Österreich „Lkw-Verkehrssicherheit“ - Kurzfassungen Ernst PFLEGER conference report
3. EVU-Abendseminar in Österreich - Kurzfassungen Ernst PFLEGER conference report
Clarification of a Night-Time Pedestrian Accident by CCTV Video taken from a Passing Bus Brooking, J. W. lecture
Inspection of electronically controlled systems FSD GmbH
Matter and Morphological Analysis of Forensic Marks in Road Accident Analysis Espanet, B. lecture
New measurements of passenger car maximum accelerations Wallenfang, Oliver conference report
The Simulation of the Fatal Crash Involving Diana, Princess of Wales, and Implications for the Investigation of Loss of Control Incidents Parry, I. lecture
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