Crash Tests


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Stationary or slow motion? Gilsdorf, Volker lecture 2006
European Truck Accident Causation IRU-EU research report 2007
Sichtfeld-Untersuchung eines LKW Mercedes Actros Thomas Feldmann work sheet 2007
European Truck Accident Causation IRU- EU research report 2007
Fuzzy logic in car crash accidents Vangi, Dario conference report 2007
Uncertainty of road accident reconstruction computations Brach, Raymond M. conference report 2007
Design of experiments and parametric sensitivity of planar impact mechanics Brach, Raymond M. conference report 2007
Uncertainty of modelling of typical ‘defensive manoeuvres’ discussed for models used in road accident reconstruction as examples Bulka, Dariusz conference report 2007
Collision optimizer and Monte Carlo methods in impact calculation Steffan, Hermann conference report 2007
Problems of uncertainty in time-distance analysis of pedestrian accident Wach, Wojciech conference report 2007
Limitations of the Possibility of Applying the Monte Carlo Simulation in Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Ziernicki, Richard M. conference report 2007
Changes in braking deceleration and driving behaviour of heavily loaded delivery vans Weber , Michael conference report 2007
tender for Veronica II Weber message (general) 2007
Mechanism of motorcycle fork deformation in reference to velocity and direction of impact Czwordon, Konrad conference report 2007
Angular velocity analysis of SUV rollover collisions using PC-CrashTM Semones, Paul T. conference report 2007
New methods of road accident reconstruction – Virtual Crash Melegh, Gábor conference report 2007
Geometrical modelling of road sections for driving dynamics simulation Ambrož, Miha conference report 2007
Wider Application of Prof. A. Slibar Method Swider, Piotr conference report 2007
Evaluation of crash tests - Difficulties of the direction of damage cause at roaming touches Kathol, Lars degree dissertation 2007
Criteria for differentiation between real and simulated accidents, effect of errors on expert opinion preparation Brösdorf, Klaus-Dieter conference report 2007
Determination of collision location – uncertainty analysis by means Wach, Wojciech conference report 2007
Comparative study of vehicle absorbed energy determination for road accident reconstruction Jankowski, Krzysztof P. conference report 2007
Analytical calculation of car-to-car collision Kasanický, Gustáv conference report 2007
Precision in estimation time of driver reaction in car accident reconstruction Stánczyk, Tomasz Lech conference report 2007
Analysing the moving speeds of 2 to 3-year-old children – video analysis and statistical evaluation Windisch, Martin conference report 2007
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