Crash Tests


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Determination of collision speed in pedestrian accidents Pustina, Pavel conference report 2007
Accuracy of linear measurements at the place of accident Kowalski, Marek S. conference report 2007
Measurements of motorcycle accelerations Lewandowski, Andrzej conference report 2007
Collisions of vehicles running from opposite directions – how accurate can calculations be and which control parameters are useful? Burg, Heinz conference report 2007
The Wiehltalbridge Accident Wiek, Alexander conference report 2007
Poor estimation of EES values and its consequences on the accuracy of reconstructions – Importance of EES crash tests Becke, Manfred conference report 2007
Possibilities and limits in collision analysis Gratzer, Werner conference report 2007
Chosen aspects of the crush energy determination Grzesikiewicz, Wieslaw conference report 2007
Up to date methods and procedures for reconstruction road accidents in nightvisibility of obstacles Nitsche, Klaus conference report 2007
Braking and manoeuvring characteristics of oncorrectly inflated low-profile and run-flat tyres Grover, C. conference report 2007
Reconstruction of car-truck accidents according to experience of crash tests Köfalvi, Gyula conference report 2007
Forensic and Biomechanical Methods in Complex Accident Reconstruction – A Case Report Arnold, J. lecture 2008
A Literature Review on Motorcycle Collisions and its Application to the South Wales Model Cooper, N. lecture 2008
Cognitive Psychological Aspects in Pedestrian Accidents Möhler, W. lecture 2008
VERONICA Proposals for Accident Recording Kast, A. lecture 2008
Informationen zur EVU-Ländergruppe Österreich Pfleger, Ernst message (general) 2008
Vehicle Identification and Road Accident Analysis in a Case in which the Scene Looked Like a Hit and Run Accident Depriester, J.-P. lecture 2008
RISP (Rear Impact Self Protection) New Comparing Measurements at DSD Becke, M. lecture 2008
Child Dummy and Children Injury Criteria Development by Using Scaling Methods Ciglaric, I. lecture 2008
Child restraint Systems (CRS): Reasons for misuses in France Ledon, C. lecture 2008
Injury Risk of Occupants and Pedestrians Injury Mechanism and Protection Criteria Kramer, F. lecture 2008
High-Speed Impacts of Passenger Cars on Stationary Dummy Cyclists Strzeletz, R. lecture 2008
New Frame Concepts – a Deformation Study Based on Crash Tests Caranta, B. lecture 2008
Motorcycle Crash Tests at a High Speed Level against Standing and Moving Passenger Cars Weyde, M. lecture 2008
Development of a Crash Test Configuration for Car to Car Frontal Collisions with Small Lateral Overlap Eichberger, A. lecture 2008
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