Crash Tests


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Insurance fraud: Fake traffic accidents - staging, detecting and proving Berislav Barišić-Jaman lecture 2018
Vehicle speed loss during impact obstacle Loreta Levulytė lecture 2018
Roadworthiness of Commercial Vehicles with Mass over 7 500 kg – Results of Roadside Inspections Zoran Lulić lecture 2018
Characterization of the Kudlich-Slibar impact parameters for small-overlap crash-tests Francesco Del Cesta lecture 2018
Evaluation of hazard perception skills of young drivers Hannes Sappl lecture 2018
Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of the Effectiveness of Driver Assistance Systems with Increasing Degree of Automation Johann Gwehenberger lecture 2018
Usage of point cloud in PC Crash for insurance fraud case Peter Vertal lecture 2018
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