Crash Tests


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Potentialities and Limits in the Evaluation of Tachograph Charts Halonbrenner, R. lecture 2000
Guard Rail Acccidents – Results from Collision Experiments Ellmers, J. lecture 2000
Occupant loading by minor lateral collisions Becke, M. lecture 2000
The call for reaction - a variant time gap prior to reaction Fürbeth, V. lecture 2000
On the modellation of ESP within the simulation programm CARAT Version 4 Burg, H. lecture 2000
Minor Hit-and-run Accidents – Perceptional Problems caused by Modern Bumpers? Results from Collision Experiments Fürbeth, V. lecture 2000
The Technical and Biomechanical Aspects of Road Accidents (The Orthopedic-Traumatic Aspects) Hein, M.F. lecture 2002
The Biomechanics of the Low-Speed Rear-End Collision Strauss, M. lecture 2002
Hit-And-Run Accident - Murder or Ordinary Accident? Strzeletz, R. lecture 2002
Applicability of Real Deceleration Measurement Results for Vehicle Brake Performance Evaluation, Based on a Comparison of Different Methods Szalay, Z. lecture 2002
Whiplash Injury after Front- and Rear End Collision - Latest Results of Experiments with Volonteers Steffan, H. lecture 2002
Damages Caused by Opened Vehicle Doors Leser, H. lecture 2002
Driver Reaction Times in Road Traffic Hugemann, W. lecture 2002
Contacts between Passenger Cars Driving in Parallel Traffic Pfeufer, H. lecture 2002
A New Impact Model for PC-Crash - Theory and Validation Steffan, H. lecture 2002
Digital Photography and the Handling of Digital Pictures Wietschorke, S. lecture 2002
Legal Demands on Electronic Systems for Active Safety Bräuninger, J. lecture 2002
General Proposed Tool Considered to Develop Arbitrary Multibody Based Mathematical Models for Road Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Ciglaric, I. lecture 2002
The Technical and Biomechanical Aspects of Road Accidents (Side-Collision, Back- And Frontal-Collision) Becke, M. lecture 2002
Failure Detection in Electronic Systems and Components Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2002
Requirements, Realization and Monitoring of ESP for Cars van Zanten, A.T. lecture 2002
Archiv der Wetterdaten Weber, Michael message (general) 2002
Dynamic Response Variability of Human Body for Frontal Impact Test Ciglaric, I. lecture 2002
Passive Safety for Passenger Cars – State of the Art Zeidler, F. lecture 2002
Crash-database of the AGU Arbeitsgruppe für Unfallmechanik (AGU) research report 2003
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