Crash Tests


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Indeterminate results of time-distance calculations and their statistical interpretation Wojciech Wach lecture 2016
Numerical Methods for Vulnerable Road Users Safety Enhancement Mariusz Ptak lecture 2016
Pedestrian Injuries as a Parameter for Impact Velocity Estimation in Car - Pedestrian Accidents 0 Eduard Kolla lecture 2016
Validation der Finite Elemente Modelle der Fahrzeuge bei PC-Crash 11.0 Andreas Moser lecture 2016
Reboundfaktorverfahren Manfred Becke lecture 2016
Rekonstruktion von Abgleitkollisionen durch Berechung mit Partialkollisionen Werner Gratzer lecture 2016
Enträtselung des VAG Crash-Aufzeichners Aart Spek lecture 2016
Einsatz der EDR bei der Rekonstruktion eines realen Unfalls: Datenvalidierung, Datenverwendung und Datenvergleich in Bezug auf den Ansatz von PC-Crash Ing. Mattia Sillo lecture 2016
Bewertung der gängigen Praxis der Geschwindigkeitsberechnung anhand der vom EDR gemeldeten Motordrehzahl Karlon Hagendoorn lecture 2016
Possibilities and boundaries in analyzing vehicle sensor systems for the purpose of accident reconstruction Tobias Weißert-Hartmann lecture 2016
Experience with Data Readout from the Event Data Recorder (EDR) Heinz Burg lecture 2016
Event Data Recorder (EDR) for Automated Driving Andreas Forster lecture 2016
Braking – Steering Conflict of ADAS systems Walter Niewöhner lecture 2016
Comparison of activation of pedestrian detection system in Subaru Outback and Volvo V40CC Peter Vertaľ lecture 2016
The HU adapter in accident analysis Michael Katzer lecture 2016
Basics and Features of Vehicle Dynamics Lugner P. lecture 2016
Major components of the energy balance in the process of a motorcycle impact against a motor car side Leon Prochowski lecture 2016
MoProVe – A Probe Vehicle for Traffic Accident Research Horst Ecker lecture 2016
Contributory Factors: A Case Study Peter J Sippitt MBE lecture 2016
Impulse-Momentum Analysis of Multibody Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision Simulations Raymond M. Brach lecture 2016
25. EVU Congress Bratislava - Presentations 2016
Traffic accident or dumping? – Striking results of a traffic accident reconstruction Eric Nerger technical literature 2017
Änderung der Geschwindigkeitsanzeige am Motorrad in Abhängigkeit von fahrdynamischen Einflussgrößen Maximilian Lukas master thesis 2012
Variation of the speed indicator of a motorcycle according to driving dynamics while cornering Maximilian Lukas bachelor thesis 2011
Forensic Road Accident Investigation Parameters of Rear-Impact Collisions based on an Analysis of AZ Marvin Lammert degree dissertation 2012
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