Crash Tests


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Problems with Tyre Regulations in Europe lecture 2014
EDR - Benefit/Cost Assessment of Mandatory Applications Erwin Petersen, Jörg Ahlgrimm technical literature 2014
Bypassing manoeuvre driving a car with reduced and no tire pressure Zębala, J. lecture 2013
Motorcycle to Car Collisions: Evaluation of Energy Loss and Relative Impact Velocity Vangi, D. lecture 2013
Motorcycles Slide Tests Analysis Vangi, D. lecture 2013
Experimental analysis of post-accident motion of motorcyclists Vangi, D. lecture 2013
Determining Visibility Distance Based on Measurements with LMK System Unarski, J. lecture 2013
Speed drop during a Motorcycle Stoppie Strzeletz, R. lecture 2013
Simulation and Analysis of Quad Bike Rollovers using PC-CRASH to Evaluate Alternative Safety Systems Richardson, S. lecture 2013
Traffic accidents caused by electronic failure Raz, U. lecture 2013
Viewing analysis of experienced vs. not experienced motorcylists and conclusions about trafficsafety Pfleger, E. lecture 2013
Use of computer simulation in motorcycle traffic accidents analysis Omerović, S. lecture 2013
The Finite Element calculation module in PC-Crash 10.0 application of FE calculations Moser, A. lecture 2013
Sliding decelerations of light weight scooter models (50cc / ± 60 - 100 kg) Meuwissen, J. lecture 2013
Bicycle tire friction coefficient variance in wet and dry conditions across multiple surfaces Melcher, D. lecture 2013
The importance of active control systems on accident avoidance Kakalis, L. lecture 2013
Vehicle Accelerations and Times of Impact based on a Data Analysis of Accident Data Recorders Lammert, M. lecture 2013
Analysis of Drivers’ Conduct while Driving over modern Pedestrian Crossings Kledus, R. lecture 2013
Recording and processing of data from crash tests Kasanický, G. lecture 2013
Rollover of Mountain Bikes which are equipped with disc brakes and suspension forks Hittinger, C. lecture 2013
The Usage Of Smartphones For Recording Accidents And Incidents From The Critical Situation Up To The Hannawald, L. lecture 2013
On the lean angle of motorcycles driving through a curve Hädrich, C. lecture 2013
Driver Response to Roadway Intrusion at Night Grindey, J. lecture 2013
A review of speedometers and the criteria to be considered before accepting ‘frozen’ readings Goddard, C. lecture 2013
Comparison of computer simulations and rotational mechanics for motorcycle collisions Funk, C. lecture 2013
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