Crash Tests


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Quantification of primary road safety - a statistical approach Kramer, F. lecture
Calculation of delta V caused by collision of two vehicles for purpose of whiplash injury evaluation Kohút, P. lecture 2011
Insurance Fraud in General Liability: Damage to Cars by Thrown Objects Kampa, A. lecture 2011
Current state of research on the so-called whiplash and foundations for the establishment and implementation of an interdisciplinary report with emphasis on whiplash injuries Hein, M. lecture 2011
Modelling of steel guardrails in PC-Crash Große, S. lecture 2011
Reconstruction of rear-end collision and calculation of acceleration of the occupants Gratzer, W. lecture
Study and Prevention of the Wind Induced Road Accidents Ciglarič, I. lecture 2011
Geometrical and numerical modelling of complex biomechanical structures Ciglarič, I. lecture 2011
The Influence of Tunnel Lighting on Cognitive and Visual Performance Parameters - a Field Study Canazei; M. lecture 2011
Insurance Fraud Analysis by means of Accident Reconstruction Methods Bobos, B. lecture 2011
Analysis of truck crash tests (Examination of truck crashes around our practice) Bell, M. lecture 2011
Occupants’ load during safety fence collision in the high speed range Becke, M. lecture 2011
Examining Road Safety through the Prism of Road Traffic Violations Baluja, R. lecture 2011
The Crash Recorder (CR): Potential and Limitations for Accident Analysis Aberle, T. lecture 2011
Experiment vs. Simulation – Braking with ABS Zębala, J. lecture
The Forensic Analysis of an Airborne Roll-Over White, I. lecture 2010
Auswertung von Motorrad-Crashversuchen hinsichtlich geeigneter Kompensationsstellungen Weyde, M. lecture 2010
Rekonstruktion der Erkennbarkeit von Fußgängern bei Dunkelheitsunfällen unter dynamischen Realbedingungen Weyde, M. lecture 2010
Modification of a Low Cost Data Logger for Dynamic Measurements in Regard to Accident Reconstruction Weber, M. lecture 2010
The ‘Triangle Method’ for Evaluation of Energy Loss in Vehicle Collisions Vangi, D. lecture 2010
Catastrophe of a Polish Bus in France. Causes and Post-accident Recommendations Unarski, J. lecture 2010
Research on Driver Reaction to Vehicles Incoming from the Right Stańczyk, T. L. lecture 2010
Innovative Inspection Methods for Electronically Controlled Safety Functions for Motorbikes and Cars Schröder, R. lecture 2010
Event Data Recording in Europe – Development Status in Relation to the EU-Road Safety Programme 2011 – 2020 Schmidt-Cotta, R.-R. lecture 2010
Vehicle vs. Child Pedestrian Collision – Full Scale Crash Tests and Mathematical Simulation Schejbalova, Z lecture 2010
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