Crash Tests


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Braking Deceleration and Starting Acceleration of Modern Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters Meyer, A. lecture 2010
Who was the Driver? How was he Injured? What, if . . . ? – Answers Based on Simulation Calculations Melegh, G. lecture 2010
The Friction of Motorcycle Tyres Lambourn, R. F. lecture
Presentation of Visibility Tests Performed from the Truck Driver Cabin; Development and Validation of Visibility Field Models Ignácz, F. lecture 2010
Correcting Lens Distortions in Digital Photographs Hugemann, W. lecture 2010
Detailed Analysis of the Benefit of Different Traffic Safety Systems in Fatal Accidents Eichberger, A. lecture 2010
Perceptibility of Minor Collisions Schmedding, K. lecture 2010
Braking Performance of Heavy Goods Vehicles Rivano, V. lecture 2010
Biomechanical stress in daily life activities compared to low-speed car accidents Weber research report 2011
Disclosure of the Differences in the Navigation and Viewing Behaviour at Day and Night with viewpointsystem® ViewingAnalysis based on Real Examples Pfleger, E. lecture 2010
Comparative Perception of Objects by Drivers from Stationary and Moving Vehicles in Regular Road Traffic Kledus, R. lecture 2010
Technical Analysis of Difficult Bus Accidents Kasanický, G. lecture 2010
Using Windows Mobile GPS and Accelerometer - Based Applications in Traffic Accident Reconstruction Ispas, N. lecture 2010
Driver Assistance Systems Status 2010 von Glasner, C. lecture 2010
ABS in motorcycles Eichholzer, T. lecture 2010
Vehicle Fault Memory Data Extraction and Interpretation Coyne, M. lecture 2010
Reconstruction of the Complex Real Rife Accidents and Subsequent Verification of the Calculated Results by Using Available Data which are not needed by Applied Mathematical Models Ciglaric, I. lecture 2010
Proof of Insurance Fraud by means of a Vehicle’s Natural Frequency Becke, M lecture 2010
Right-turning lorries and cyclists Field tests for eye-tracking analysis of drivers Leser, H. lecture 2010
6. EVU-Abendseminar in Österreich - Kurzfassungen PFLEGER Ernst conference report 2011
Wahrnehmbarkeit von Kollisionen zwischen Pkw-Anhängern und Pkw Bonin, Sebastian degree dissertation 2010
5. EVU-Abendseminar in Österreich-Kurzfassungen PFLEGER Ernst conference report 2010
20th Annual Meeting of the EVU - Call for Papers message (general)
Prof. Dr Hartmut Marwitz awarded the European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award Prof. Dr. Hartmut Marwitz message (general) 2010
Prüfvorgaben Periodisch-technische Fahrzeuguntersuchung BMW Group 2010
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