Crash Tests


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A New Impact Model for PC-Crash - Theory and Validation Steffan, H. lecture 2002
Contacts between Passenger Cars Driving in Parallel Traffic Pfeufer, H. lecture 2002
Damages Caused by Opened Vehicle Doors Leser, H. lecture 2002
Driver Reaction Times in Road Traffic Hugemann, W. lecture 2002
The Technical and Biomechanical Aspects of Road Accidents (The Orthopedic-Traumatic Aspects) Hein, M.F. lecture 2002
Active Safety of Commercial Vehicles - Status 2002 Enomoto, H. lecture
General Proposed Tool Considered to Develop Arbitrary Multibody Based Mathematical Models for Road Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Ciglaric, I. lecture 2002
Dynamic Response Variability of Human Body for Frontal Impact Test Ciglaric, I. lecture 2002
Legal Demands on Electronic Systems for Active Safety Bräuninger, J. lecture 2002
The Technical and Biomechanical Aspects of Road Accidents (Side-Collision, Back- And Frontal-Collision) Becke, M. lecture 2002
Failure Detection in Electronic Systems and Components Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2002
Questions of Liabilty in Connection with Psychologically Caused Health Interferences Originating from Cervical Spine Loading Wessels, U. lecture 2000
Delta-V and EES Calculation based on Damage Photos – Results of a Field Study in Switzerland Walz, F. lecture 2000
Bandwidth of Reconstruction Results – A Study Based on Three Collision Experiments Refined to Accident Scenes Wagner, O. lecture 2000
Active Safety in Contemperary European Commercial Vehicles – State of the Art von Glasner, E.-C. lecture 2000
Investigation on Passenger Car Breaking Maneuvers – Calculating Initial Speed from the Length of Skid Marks Wach, W. lecture
Cervical Spine Disorders after Lateral Loading Steffan, H. lecture 2000
Integrating Electronic Driving Aids in Accident Reconstruction Programs Steffan, H. lecture 2000
Who has Changed the Lane? – Collision between HGV and Passenger Car – Results of Collision Experiments Schal, S. lecture 2000
A Conceptual Contribution Improving the Safety of Commercial Vehicles Schimmelpfennig, K.-H. lecture
Demands on Occupant Restaint Systems Ruck, H. lecture 2000
Airbag Malfunction? Assessment of Airbag (Non) Deployment – Proceeding of the Expert exemplified by Real Cases Rau, H. lecture 2000
Motorcycle vs. Passenger Car Side – Results from Collision Experiments with Impact Speeds of about 100 km/h Priester, J. lecture 2000
Investigation on Gaze Shift Strategies as Influenced by Road Design and Traffic Scene Pfleger, E. lecture 2000
On-board Electronic Systems in HGV – State of the Art, Practical Examples, Trends Jauch, S. lecture 2000
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