Crash Tests


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The Influence of Accident Severity and Mental Pain Processing on the Symptoms after Whiplash Injury Otte, D. lecture 2000
Factors for Disorders after Rear Impacts Nentwig, C. G. lecture 2000
Injury Patterns caused by Airbag Deployment and their Correlation to Accident Characteristics Langwieder, K. lecture 2000
Bus Accident in Tessin – A Single Example Kranz, K.-J. lecture 2000
Reconstruction of Accidents involving Commercial Vehicles with Stabilty-Problems Köfalvi, G. lecture 2000
Guard Rail Acccidents – Results from Collision Experiments Ellmers, J. lecture 2000
Potentialities and Limits in the Evaluation of Tachograph Charts Halonbrenner, R. lecture 2000
Minor Hit-and-run Accidents – Perceptional Problems caused by Modern Bumpers? Results from Collision Experiments Fürbeth, V. lecture 2000
The call for reaction - a variant time gap prior to reaction Fürbeth, V. lecture 2000
On the modellation of ESP within the simulation programm CARAT Version 4 Burg, H. lecture 2000
Occupant loading by minor lateral collisions Becke, M. lecture 2000
On the importance of numerical simulation for the development of occupant restraint systems Schlönvoigt, J. lecture 2000
Redakteure für die Datenbank gesucht Weber, Michael 2003
Crash-database of the AGU Arbeitsgruppe für Unfallmechanik (AGU) research report 2003
KOM-Verzögerungen und Schwellzeiten EWAK work sheet 1994
Uncovering Vehicle Insurance Fraud Weber, Michael technical literature 1995
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