Crash Tests

The association shall serve the purpose of promoting improvement of the basic principles and the methodology of accident analysis, in order to contribute to increased legal security, including in the areas of maintenance and technical evaluation of vehicles. This can be effected by embracing, amongst others, the pertinent European norms regarding accreditation and certification. Within the realm of its possibilities, the association shall promote road traffic safety, by way of compiling information and developing concepts which shall publicly be made available.

The association shall carry out its own research, and/or participate in suitable research projects. The results shall primarily be made available to its members. However it shall also inform the public of its findings by way of publications and congresses.

Members appointed by the association shall sit on international expert panels, with the objective of contributing the association’s expertise.

The association shall function as the umbrella association for national associations, which shall be called EVU country groups. The rules of the respective country groups are to be sanctioned by the umbrella association.

The association shall have the following duties, rights and obligations: keeping and publishing a list of its members; issuing and administrating membership cards; publishing official technical documentation; reviewing and adopting technical documentation developed by the country groups or expert committees; establishing an online service for the distribution of technical information; collaborating with authorising and certifying bodies; dealing with the main concerns of the profession and representing these on the relevant panels; organising and holding the association’s annual general meeting; awarding the rights to hold the EVU annual conference; appointing and supervising expert committees; reviewing and recommending basic and further training courses & activities; carrying out publicity work for the umbrella association, including the publication of the association’s newsletter.

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