Crash Tests
Main AuthorRohm, Michael
CitationRohm, M.: Schalldruckbelastung von Pkw-Insassen durch Airbags. 15. EVU-Jahrestagung, Dresden 2006
Publication Typelecture
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Contractions of the muscles in the eardrum
English, 6 pages, 5 figures, 10 references
Keywords: airbag, hearing loss

In several experiments was tested, if the impulse noise of an airbag development is injuring human ear. Thought has been given to an active middle ear muscle response (called “warned exposure”). If the impulse noise stresses the passenger is particular for the left ear a hearing loss possible. If the middle ear is warned the critical limit for a possible hearing loss wasn´t reached. The possibility of an active self-protection depends from using pre-crash-sensors, because the natural protection is to slow. Further it was carried out, that the noise caused by a car-to-car-collision was in comparison to the impulse noise of an airbag development uncritical for the passenger.