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Graz University of Technology

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The beautiful city of Graz – capital of Styria - will be the host of the jubilee 20th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU). This time the conference is being organized by the EVU Headquarters. The event takes place on the 15th to 17th of September 2011 in the Graz University of Technology. The organizers and the EVU Board have agreed that Biomechanics in Car Accidents Including Whiplash Problems will be the leading topic. Therefore, the EVU would like to encourage everybody who wishes to support this conference to submit a contribution. Interesting new biomechanical aspects, which are useful for accident reconstruction and computer modelling, will also be very welcome. As a second topic the organisers propose Accidents with small Motor Vehicles for which no Driving Licence is required (Bicycles, Mopeds, Micro cars, Electric Vehicles including Wheelchairs etc.), which can be seen as a significant problem.