Crash Tests
Main AuthorMatthias Schmidt
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2016
Publisher25. EVU Congress, Bratislava

An important aspect of accident reconstruction is the determination of the moment in time at which the driver is able to perceive the danger deriving from another traffic participant. In the temporal course of a defensive action, the attention of the driver is, mostly through visual stimuli, arrested and then followed by an adaption of viewing direction. The threshold which is necessary to perceive can be influenced by angular changes of lines of sight.

Building on the lecture about the “Analytic determination of the hazard recognition point of a moving obstacle by the change of the visual angle” held on the EVU convention 2015 in Edinburgh (UK), this lecture aims to introduce analytical procedures for various situations of approximation as well as for situations of crossing traffic. Provided that systematically relevant parameters (geometry, kinematics) are known, the procedures enable to determine minimum thresholds for the perception of dangerous situations.

On the basis of test persons, reference values for the minimum threshold of perceivable angular changes were set and applied in illustrative examples.

This paper was composed within the framework of a project on the Technical University Vienna.

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