Crash Tests
Main AuthorIngo Holtkötter
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2018
Publisher27. EVU Conference, Dubrovnik

Due to the increasing importance of electronic systems in vehicles covering driving functions, entertainment systems and security devices, experts are asked questions related to electronic systems more frequently. The article gives an overview of the working areas which arise in the field of accident reconstruction and insurance fraud.

But with respect to insurance fraud in particular, the investigation of manipulation of electronic control units, e. g. changing odometer values, enabling additional functions or adding more keys to the car, is not widely known.

The work of car hackers on the one hand and security vulnerabilities of electronic vehicle systems on the other lead to a variety of successful hacking investigations resulting in odometer change, key cloning and car theft. To produce evidence for the court, it is essential for the expert to understand the manipulation technique and to be able to show and perform a corresponding manipulation oneself.

The basic investigation approaches and methods are shown with several examples such as changing the odometer, analyzing key fob signals or reading data from protected memory chips.

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