Crash Tests
Main AuthorPh.D. Ing. Peter Vertaľ
Co-AuthorsIng. Luboš Nouzovský, Ph.D. Ing. Michal Frydrýn, Ing. Zdeněk Svatý, PhD Ing. Eduard Kolla
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2019
Publisher28 EVU Conference, Barcelona

The article focuses on reading, interpretation and validation of EDR (Event Data Recorder) accident data using the CDR system. EDR or Event Data Recorder is a function of the airbag control unit, which records certain vehicle parameter data at the time of a specific event (e.g. accident). Various tools, such as the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR), can be used for subsequent data reading. The correctness and accuracy were assessed for obtained accidental data (pre- and post-crash). The presented results are one of the partial outputs of the VIMOT 4U project and were obtained as part of the crash tests carried out in autumn 2018.

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