Crash Tests
Main AuthorStanislav Stehel
Co-AuthorsZdeněk Svatý, Peter Vertaľ, Ľuboš Rumanovský
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2019
Publisher28 EVU Conference, Barcelona

Paper deals with use of modern photogrammetric techniques for spatial reconstruction of traffic accident sites under adverse weather conditions (poor lighting, snow). The aim is to enable measurements and localization of important features within the accident site for the purposes of police documentation or subsequent forensic analysis. The paper gives an overview of the practical aspects of photographic workflow, in particular with respect to the subsequent photogrammetric processing and achievable outcomes under adverse weather conditions. The image-based spatial reconstruction is shown on study cases documented during night and snow conditions. For each case, overall characteristics, general procedures of spatial reconstruction and resulting outputs to-gether with their practical use are presented. Lastly, the potential and limitations for transportation forensic practice are concluded.

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