Crash Tests
Main AuthorNikita Bobrov
Co-AuthorsRadoslav Morochovič, Ján Mandelík
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2019
Publisher28 EVU Conference, Barcelona

At present, information on pedestrian injuries or other road accident casualties can be considered as incomplete for a technical expert, which is solved by FORTIS. The proposed methodology includes: comprehensive data processing from investigated circumstances, medical documentation and supplementary specialised examinations of pedestrian traffic accidents by a comprehensive method including medical examination, supplementary specialized methods of examination, unified pre-prints, computer databases, digitisation and archiving of data from retrospective and prospective set of cases, preparation of quality inputs for comprehensive accident assessment, standardized assessment of pedestrian injury parameters in traffic accidents using proprietary modified system FORTIS (Forensic Traumatology Injury Scale - variety of injuries in forensic traumatology). In this article there are cases of killed pedestrians´ injuries assessment by FORTIS system and comparison of these with classic AIS / ISS injuries evaluation.

Examples of injuries´ assessments on surviving pedestrians are shown below and casuistry of the forensic doctors´ case and a technical expert interdisciplinary procedure in verifying outcome of technical analysis of the accident course is presented.

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