Crash Tests
Main AuthorRaphael Murri
Co-AuthorsMagali Schaller
Type of Mediapdf-document
Publication Typelecture
Publication Year2019
Publisher28 EVU Conference, Barcelona

The Dynamic Test Center AG (DTC) has, in cooperation with the Baloise Group, demonstrated the consequences of an accident with an electric vehicle by means of a staged crash. The main focus was laid on the passenger safety of during the accident, as well as the rescuing process and post crash handling of the vehicle. In addition, the car was set on fire to analyze the challenges a burning lithium-ion high-voltage battery bears. The invited parties, such as firefighters, rescue teams and road assistance services were interviewed before and after the crash, in order to reflect questions and experiences from a practical point of view. The findings of this day led to the colnclusion, that electric vehicles are of the same safety standard than gas-powered cars. It is the rescuing process that bears safety hazards for both, rescue teams and occupants, as it deviates from the regular rescue chain. Along with lack of information, equipment and infrastructure comes insecurity of the emergency personnel, which slows down the entire rescuing process in a race against time. Considering the upcoming movement towards electric mobility, appropriate training of the emergency services is at least of equal importance as the passive safety features installed in electric vehicles.

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