Crash Tests


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Changes in braking deceleration and driving behaviour of heavily loaded delivery vans Weber , Michael conference report 2007
tender for Veronica II Weber message (general) 2007
Evaluation of crash tests - Difficulties of the direction of damage cause at roaming touches Kathol, Lars degree dissertation 2007
New methods of road accident reconstruction – Virtual Crash Melegh, Gábor conference report 2007
Uncertainty of road accident reconstruction computations Brach, Raymond M. conference report 2007
Angular velocity analysis of SUV rollover collisions using PC-CrashTM Semones, Paul T. conference report 2007
Measurements of motorcycle accelerations Lewandowski, Andrzej conference report 2007
Determination of collision speed in pedestrian accidents Pustina, Pavel conference report 2007
Analysing the moving speeds of 2 to 3-year-old children – video analysis and statistical evaluation Windisch, Martin conference report 2007
The Wiehltalbridge Accident Wiek, Alexander conference report 2007
Precision in estimation time of driver reaction in car accident reconstruction Stánczyk, Tomasz Lech conference report 2007
Enhanced Partner Protection of Heavy Goods Vehicles: Accident Scenarios, Injury-Mechanisms and Potential Countermeasures Feist, F. lecture 2008
Motorcycle Crash Tests at a High Speed Level against Standing and Moving Passenger Cars Weyde, M. lecture 2008
Braking Force Transfer Capabilities of Tires on Wet Roads Roe, P. G. lecture 2008
Injury Risk of Occupants and Pedestrians Injury Mechanism and Protection Criteria Kramer, F. lecture 2008
Child Dummy and Children Injury Criteria Development by Using Scaling Methods Ciglaric, I. lecture 2008
Child restraint Systems (CRS): Reasons for misuses in France Ledon, C. lecture 2008
Development of a Crash Test Configuration for Car to Car Frontal Collisions with Small Lateral Overlap Eichberger, A. lecture 2008
Braking Force Transfer Capabilities of Tires on Wet Roads Topp, A. lecture 2008
Road Safety in Europe Page, Y. lecture 2008
The Current State of Automotive Vehicle Safety and the History of its Development von Glasener, E. C. lecture 2008
New Frame Concepts – a Deformation Study Based on Crash Tests Caranta, B. lecture 2008
Die Befangenheit des Sachverständigen Dr. Felix Lehmann lecture 2008
Template for EVU-papers Hugemann handbook 2008
5. EVU Tagung Verkehrssicherheit in Österreich - Kurzfassungen Ernst PFLEGER conference report 2008
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