Crash Tests


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Informationen zur EVU-Ländergruppe Österreich Pfleger, Ernst message (general) 2008
1. EVU-Abendseminar in Österreich - Kurzfassungen Ernst PFLEGER conference report 2008
High-Speed Impacts of Passenger Cars on Stationary Dummy Cyclists Strzeletz, R. lecture 2008
The Influence of Tyre Characteristics on the Driving and Braking Performance of Road Vehicles Ahlgrimm, J. lecture 2008
Analysis of a Dual Occupant Ejection Scenario Utilising Design of Experiments and Multi-objective Optimisation Techniques Brown, M. lecture 2008
Forensic and Biomechanical Methods in Complex Accident Reconstruction – A Case Report Arnold, J. lecture 2008
A Literature Review on Motorcycle Collisions and its Application to the South Wales Model Cooper, N. lecture 2008
VERONICA Proposals for Accident Recording Kast, A. lecture 2008
Finite Elements and CAD Methodologies for the Reconstruction of Pedestrian Accidents Dias, J. M. P. lecture 2008
First Experiences with Electronical Tachographs in Regard to Accident Reconstruction Kast, A. lecture 2008
Driver Assistance Systems – Status 2008 Glasner, E.-C. v. lecture 2008
Vehicle Identification and Road Accident Analysis in a Case in which the Scene Looked Like a Hit and Run Accident Depriester, J.-P. lecture 2008
Anticipating Rear End Collisions by Active Behaviour Meyer, S. lecture 2008
RISP (Rear Impact Self Protection) New Comparing Measurements at DSD Becke, M. lecture 2008
Whiplash Research in Sweden: Results from Real-Life Crashes Kullgren, A. lecture 2008
The Coefficient of Restitution on Rear-End Collisions - New Findings Kalthoff, W. lecture 2008
Looking inside Crash Data Pfeufer, H. lecture 2008
Tire Models used in Accident Reconstruction Vehicle Motion Simulation Brach, Raymond M. lecture 2008
Status of Heavy Goods Vehicle Brake Performance and Means of Improvement Hollnagel, V. lecture 2008
New Sliding Tests and their Evaluation - The ESP Simulation Model in PC-Crash Moser, A. lecture 2008
Development State of Electro Mechanical Braking Systems on Commercial Vehicles Svendenius, J. lecture 2008
Cognitive Psychological Aspects in Pedestrian Accidents Möhler, W. lecture 2008
6th DEKRA VID Symposium DEKRA e.V. Presse & Information / Norbert Kühnl conference report 2009
Die moderne Hauptuntersuchung (Mit der StVZO weiterentwickelt); HU-Adapter 21 FSD Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH 2009
Application of Video-aided Mapping in Verifying Signal Violation – A Case in Taiwan Woo, T. H. lecture 2009
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