Crash Tests


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FSD bietet Fortbildung für Sachverständige an
EVU – History and Targets Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil., Dr. h.c. Egon-Christian von Glasner
European Safety Award for Commercial Vehicles Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Zürn 2015
High-Speed Impact Tests on Highway Safety Fences Becke, M. lecture
Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Classes E and F. Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
20th Annual Meeting of the EVU - Call for Papers message (general)
Part 2 Analysis of the UNECE and EU Regulations regarding Type Approval and Tyre Label with Wet Grip Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke
Proceedings 26th EVU-congress 2017 Haarlem Netherlands
4. EVU-Abendseminar in Österreich-Kurzfassungen PFLEGER Ernst conference report
Video ITAI Crash Day 2018
20th Evening Seminar EVU Austria
Satzungsentwurf EVU RA Heeger, Weber message (general)
KOM-Verzögerungen und Schwellzeiten EWAK work sheet 1994
Uncovering Vehicle Insurance Fraud Weber, Michael technical literature 1995
Calculation of case studies to the being recognizable width with darkness Carraro, Ulrich conference report 1999
To juridical and physical aspects of the regulation of the sure speed with the driving in the darkness Unarski, Jan conference report 1999
A computer program for the simulation of perceptibility problems Melegh, Gábor conference report 1999
Sunrise and Sunset - Problems in Accident Reconstruction MacInnis, Dunae D. conference report 1999
Öffentliche Bestellung und Vereidigung in Deutschland IFS message (general) 1999
Introduction to an easy inquiry method for the regulation of the objects being recognizable distance with dipped headlights Unarski, Jan conference report 1999
The technical proof of faked accidents Weber, Michael conference report 1999
Modern lighting systems with vehicles Unarski, Jan conference report 1999
To the history of the vehicle lighting Unarski, Jan conference report 1999
Angularity requirements for retroreflective traffic signs Skuza, Wlodzimierz conference report 1999
History of road lighting research as a guide for future research van Bommel, Dr. Wout conference report 1999
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